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best way to detox from heroinAs a musician, working in the music industry and maintaining a career is a very challenging task. And for those who are already musicians who have found success, keeping up with their career is even more difficult, due to the demands of the industry, fans, and your own creative and songwriting ability, and as a result, a lot of artists, in general, get stressed. Fortunately, while stress is a common and natural part of one’s growth as a musical talent in the industry, some would go to rather self-destructive lengths just to relieve oneself from all the pressures.

I was one of those unfortunate. When I’m not writing my next song or performing at live events, I would hit myself up on heroin so I could be more “focused” on my work. And while the effects would work, it would leave me with a damaged body. And now I asked myself, what’s the best way to detox from heroin?

When it comes to substance abuse in music, nothing is more common than heroin. It is perhaps the most well-known opioid drug in the world. Heroin has long since become rather infamous for being a part of the recent years of music’s history, especially during the 60s and 70s.

Luckily for today’s troubled artists, there are a variety of ways to approach the problem and help them overcome it, one of which being detoxing, which is removing traces of the substance out of your body. And one of the best way to detox from heroin is through Detox Matrix, which was recommended to me by some friends who went through similar phase as I did.

Detox Matrix not only helps those who are suffering from the addictions of heroin use, but also those who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms as a result from prolonged misuse of it. You can expect services such as counseling, dietary planning, exercise, and other best way to detox from heroin and treatment options for illegal substance use. And thanks to that, I have managed to find better and healthier ways to deal with stress without using drugs.

Detrox Matrix truly helps troubled musicians and artists to focus and promote a healthier lifestyle. Visit their website to learn more about their other treatment options, and how you can be part of the growing movement finding the best way to detox from heroin!


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Time To Get Rid Of iTunes


itunes is bad

Have you finally had it with iTunes? Between the constant updates, poor customer service, and lack of efficient communication with non-Apple devices, many users have started migrating away from iTunes in search of greener pastures. If you count yourself among the number that expresses dissatisfaction with iTunes, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will break down some of the pros and cons of each alternative service to iTunes, so that you can make an informed decision on which is the best alternative to iTunes is right for you.


Spotify is a behemoth in among music services these days. Spotify offers an incredibly wide selection of diverse musicians. From Pink Floyd to Pink, if you want to listen to it you can more often than not find exactly what you are looking for. The only downside to this service is that the free version requires an internet connection to function properly. So if you live in a rural area with spotty or expensive internet service, this may not be the correct option for you. On the other hand, if you live in an urban area and have a good data package, you may find that this free service works for you. There’s also a premium version that allows you to listen to your selected songs offline, so keep that in mind also.

Media Monkey

Media Monkey is a great choice for organizing your collection. So if most of the music that you own is already on your computer and all you need is a powerful service to organize it, you may find that this service is the right option for you. Media Monkey has a limit of 100,000 files, so you’re not likely to run out of space. If you need a service that provides a store option for your music needs however, you will be better off with another entry on this list.


Google Chrome mp3 Extension

Google Chrome has a feature called extensions. Extensions vastly enhance Google Chromes capabilities. The mp3 extension service is similar to Media Monkey in that it is a media organizing tool. However, it also allows you to change the song that you are listening to in the browser, which is a very convenient feature. The extension also allows you to retrieve lyrics and music videos for every song in your library, so if you’re the type of person that likes to dissect your music you may find the features included here very helpful.


Ecoute is a Mac exclusive iTunes alternative. The main benefits of using this service over say, Spotify or Media Monkey, is that it allows you to integrate your and iTunes profiles. This means that there is no difficult importing or exporting of media, which may be a huge plus if you wouldn’t describe yourself as very tech savvy.
I hope that this article shed some light on all the different iTunes alternatives that are available to you. All of these services offer the same level of functionality, if not more so, than iTunes. So if you’re fed up with iTunes, be sure to keep all of your different options in mind.


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