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One of our favorite guitar learning websites is Guitar Tricks. We are going to talk about the site details here, but if you want more in-depth information, you can check out this review by where you can get a coupon code for a discount! The first thing that you notice about this site and why it is liked so much is the value. To put that into perspective, you have look at traditional ways of learning guitar, which is guitar lessons. Typically the way it used to work is if you want to learn guitar is you either have a buddy, or you go see the local guitar teacher in your town down the street. With that, you’re technically paying maybe twenty to fifty dollars per hours. They’ll give you 60 minutes of lessons, and that’s it. If you want another lesson, you have to pay another twenty dollars. With Guitar Tricks, the cost is fifteen dollars per month. Then you get access to all the stuff they have on the site. You can spend as much or as little time in there as you want to learn all the stuff that they have to teach.

The first thing you will see is the layout of the site, and how awesome it is. If you look down the left side they got the Quick Start buttons, you know where to start guitar trickson your guitar tricks. You can see the core learning system on the top left corner. Just click on this as it’s a great place to start. And as you will see it’s a splendid graphical representation of the path that you’d like to take. You’d have your guitar fundamentals, level 1 and level 2. And then from there you can choose whether you want to go into blues, country or rock. Remember those are both different levels as well.

The core fundamentals are guitar lessons and as you will see you just work your way through each video. It’ll teach you all things about posture knowledge chords, melodies, basic chords and all the other guitar fundamentals. It’s quite a bit, but if you work your way through it, you’re going to get a lot of lessons. From there you can go into the type a guitar that you want to play, for example rock. And you can have your featured rocking structures, your scale exercises, trails speed ideas; just a bunch of different lesson types and stuff like that.

Another cool spot on the site is the songs tab. There’s a variety of various songs on the site that are popular songs in different categories. They’ll teach you exactly how to play every guitar part for that song and if you click on the category, you will see the full song list. As you scroll, you can see so many songs and each one of them will give you a lesson on how to play. The Jam tab is another tab which is awesome for practicing. You pick the type of key that you want to play and style. So, on acoustic core, it’ll play a backing track for you and then you can play along with it.

It’s great practice with other tons of keys and tons of styles. Then there is, of course, the forum if you want to go talk with other guitar people and share ideas.

Here’s a fun video, that teaches you tricks that will make people think you are amazing at guitar….at least until you actually are!

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